Franco Pascali

at The Hollywood Roosevelt

Franco Pascali is a magician, mentalist, creator, and performer. At 21, he’s a true phenom in the world of magic - with frequent performances at The Magic Castle and high profile events around the world. The Magic Show at The Roosevelt is a demonstration of Franco’s most powerful, impossible magic - presented in an intimate, elegant theater.

More than meets the eye

"He’ll read your mind and leave you with absolutely ZERO explanation."

The Magic Show at The Roosevelt is an intimate, immersive experience featuring Franco’s most incredible magic - performed live on stage. You’ll have to see it to disbelieve it.

Over 90 minutes, you’ll witness amazing, remarkable, powerful magic - in a breathtaking, historic theater space.

The Roosevelt Hollywood

The Magic Show is housed in a hidden, unmarked theater just steps away from the hotel lobby.

You may have walked by it without even knowing it’s there. The mystery begins before you even enter the room. Once inside, you’ll experience magic and genuine astonishment unlike anything you’ve seen before.